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100-Mesh Spray Gun Filter by Graco

Spray gun filter by Graco

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  • Reduces plugging at the spray tip
  • Helps remove debris from paint or coating
  • For use with latex and enamel coatings

  • Designed to Filter Debris

    This filter effectively eliminates debris from the paint, resulting in a smooth, flawless finish.

    Designed for Use with Latex and Enamel Coatings

    This spray gun filter is the perfect choice for use with both latex and enamel finishes.

    Easy-to-Clean Design

    Clean the air filter thoroughly between uses and it will be effective for future painting projects as well.

    Removing debris from your paint or coating with this 100-Mesh Spray Gun Filter. It reduces plugging and clogging at the spray tip to save time while you paint. This filter can be used with lacquers, enamels (solvent) and solvent based paints.

    • Gun filters helps removes debris from the coating protecting the pump, reducing tip clogging and providing a better quality finish
    • Replace the filter if clogged more than 20%
    • Prolong pump life and reduce tip clogging by cleaning and replacing the inlet strainer regularly
    • Used for lacquers, enamels (solvent) and solvent based paints
    • Clean after every use
    • For use with Graco spray gun models SG10, SG20, SG Pro, SG2 and SG3

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