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Bidders Policy

 Buyers premium 18.00%

This is an online-only auction bound by all legal rights and remedies in the state in which the auction occurs. Do not bid if you cannot agree to the terms of this contract or are not able to pay and pick up your items within the specified terms of each auction. All global site terms and conditions apply to this auction, which you agreed to in creating an account with Equip-Bid Auctions. Please see these terms by copying and pasting this link in your browser: https://www.equip-bid.com/terms 

Auction-specific terms and conditions for this affiliate are as follows.



Payment: The default credit card on file with your account will be charged at 9:00 am the day following the close of the auction. If your payment is declined for any reason, you will not be able to pick up your items without paying. Payment onsite is accepted at this location in the form of exact cash. Invoices over $2,000 are not able to be paid by the credit card you have on file. You will need to pay with cash or a cashier’s check. Exact change is required on cash payments. If you, as the winning bidder (Buyer), do not provide sufficient funds or fail to retrieve your item(s) within 48 hours of the auction's ending, you will be inactivated. Multiple instances of not paying or retrieving your items will result in a permanent block from the Equip-Bid site. Any bidder caught opening a new account will be charged an additional $50 with the above warnings. This is considered fraudulent bidding and is not tolerated.

Pick-Up: If you are unable to pick up your items during the scheduled pick-up times, do not bid. By bidding in an Equip-Bid auction, you are legally bound to be charged for all won items and are agreeing to remove them from the auction location. In order to pick up your won items, you will need to schedule an appointment on your invoice page. 

If you are bidding on other Bargain Junction auctions, we will hold your items. You will need to contact us and let us know so we can make arrangements. We will also try to contact you, but if there has been no contact within 7 days, you will forfeit your items. Regardless of any agreed upon storage of your items, all invoices must be paid within 48 hours of the auction's ending. You are still liable for paying for your item(s) and will be charged at the default credit card on file, regardless of whether not you have picked up the items.

Removal: Once a bidder has paid for and picked up their items, the items become the property of the winning bidder (buyer). The buyer assumes all risk of loss and damage to property from that point forward, including at the premises of the sale.

Tax-Exempt Purchases: Tax-exempt forms must be provided to each independent affiliate—tax-exempt statuses are not stored with your Equip-Bid account. If this is your first tax-exempt purchase with Bargain Junction, contact us at 417-248-2479. After providing tax-exempt forms to this affiliate, contact us to remove tax from each invoice and we will adjust your invoice before processing your payment.

Liability: Bargain Junction's liability shall be limited to the refund of the bidder's purchase price.

Limitations: The above-stated Terms cannot be altered except in writing by Equip-Bid.




"Factory Sealed": New, in-box, never-used, original product in original box. We stand behind the listing as described. Because we strive to inspect all items, if we open a box and the contents appear factory sealed, we will label it as such. Being “new,” we have not checked for function/internal damage. You may inspect/test before you leave; otherwise, there is a 48-hour return policy.

"Appears New": Item appears to be in new condition, not used. They may or may not be in the original box. They should work as expected. We inspect for the following:

  • Does not appear to have been pre-owned
  • Box may be damaged, however, MAJOR components/pieces are intact and functional. We cannot guarantee all screws/bolts are in the box, but we will do our best to note if we don’t see them. Hardware such as screws and bolts are generally available online or at a hardware store.

You may test your item before you leave. If it does not work, you may return it for a full refund; otherwise, there is a 48-hour return policy.

"Open Box": Open Box represents several conditions, such as incomplete, pre-owned, new but not verified for condition, untested, could be fully functioning, or dead on arrival (DOA). We have not tested these items. As always, we will continue to do our best to describe what we see. Please use inspection time to preview and test open box items before you bid. Open Box items may not be returned; they are solid as-is.

 "Damaged": These items have known damage. We will do our best to describe/picture the damage. We don’t test for functionality. These could be items never used/owned, such as a grill that had shipping damage to the lid but that was never put together or used. This could indicate a scratch or a dent, or the item could be totally broken. We encourage you to preview damaged items during our inspection hours. Damaged items can not be returned; they are sold as-is.