We've converted to fully over to online auctions. BID NOW!!

Auction Announcements

***** Please note that we DO have a pallet jack and hand trucks for your use to load your items while you are here. It is your responsibility, as the bidder, to remove and load all items. We do not have staff to assist with loading and unloading at this time. We are not responsible for accidents, lost or damaged items left beyond scheduled removal times.  

**Please note that our location and hours have changed. We are now located at 37 W Locust St in Aurora, which is our former warehouse. Any inspections or pick-ups will now be at this location.   

The only changes to our hours is that the warehouse will no longer be open on Saturdays. so WE WILL NO LONGER OFFER SATURDAY PICK-UPS  

**As stated in our terms and conditions, WE DO NOT SHIP! You will be responsible for picking up your items at our location. 37 W Locust St Aurora, MO.

**As of 09/07/2022, any items not picked up after 2 weeks of auction ending will be forfeited and re-stocked. If you call to let us know that you are coming, we will hold your items!  

WE ARE NOW REQUIRING THAT YOU USE THE SCHEDULER TO SCHEDULE YOUR PICKUPS, as there is not always someone at the auction house. If we know when you are coming, then we can make sure someone is there.  

Have you ever wondered, will this item work? Will it power up and run? Don't worry, we are now offering a 48-hour guarantee on all items (unless item is listed as open box or damaged).      

Due to the massive amount of volume we sell, we try to visually inspect items for any obvious damage, but we cannot plug everything in and test for functionality.      

The products we sell  are online returns, overstock items, surplus inventory, in-store returns, delivery refusals, bulk volume sales, and sometimes things appear to be fine, but then don't work. Therefore...      

We are offering the 48-Hour Guarantee on all items in this sale (unless listed as open box or damaged)      

What is the 48-Hour guarantee?      

We are guaranteeing for functionality only, NOT for cosmetic condition, color, size, completeness/parts, etc. Buyer must contact us within 48 hours of pick-up time to make a claim. (After 48 hours-no refund) After claim is filed, item needs to be returned to seller within 5 business days. If not returned with the 5 business days, the guarantee is null and void, and no refunds will be given.        

Bid with confidence - your item is guaranteed to work!          

NOTE: This is NOT a sitewide policy! Other affiliates may or may not adopt the same policies as we do.